Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome


Please add reunion information to the comments section.  There is also a photo site with pictures from past reunions at

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  • Oh My Gosh, the response to my little idea of a local RTS Day has been overwhelming, in the most amazing way. My original, more selfish mission was to locate and met other RTS families within California, and plan a day of family fun. Back in November I realized there is a large RTS void there on the West Coast. The void is what has led me to plan this event in Las Vegas instead, just to accommodate the shear number of interested RTS families. The guest list has grown, which is awesome. The dates are set for July 5th to the 7th 2013. The place is Circus Circus, Las Vegas. The 5th involves check-in and a group dinner. The 6th is when we’ll meet in a conference room, visit with families, listen to guest speakers and have lunch. Also on the 6th, each family member will receive an all-day park pass to Circus Circus’s Adventuredome good from 10am til midnight. I have also booked a ‘quite room’ for our families within the Adventuredome in case you’ll need a break. There will also be helpers on hand to offer Playcare for those who request in advance. Please understand I am “just” a RTS parent like many of you, not a professional. My mission is to meet other RTS families and to build a West Coast RTS Community. I want to thank everyone for their support?

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