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When the website was first started in 1995 we added biographies to this site. The biographies are listed below but please keep in mind that some of these biographies date back to 1995.  Since some of these pages are back over 10 years there are many that don’t have links back to the site.  Please hit back on your browser to return to the site. 

Although no longer updating these with page biographies, please add information to this page by leaving information or links below in the comment section.  Please check the comment section for the most up to date information and links.

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Sibling Stories

In Loving Memory

Poems written by family members and people who have RTS. 

Two websites created by siblings of RTS children.


Here are some youtube videos. You can also search youtube to find more videos on Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome or click on the link to go to youtube to watch the video.

Maureen Maroney




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  • Hello All! My son was just diagnosed with RTS through Whole Exome Sequencing and I would love to connect with others! I blog at :)

  • My baby sister, Bonnie Lou Massey, was born on Aug. 27, 1969 with RTS. She’s been living with me for the last 4 years, since our mother went into a nursing home. She’s been my princess from day one and I wouldn’t take anything for her. Until a few minutes ago I didn’t know there were any support groups anywhere. I’d done searches before, and apparently I’ve been spelling it so wrong that they totally failed. I’m gonna see what all I can find out now, maybe there’s help for us.

  • Hi, my 2 year old daughter was diagnosed, what should i expect in the future? She can say about 6 words, but seems autistic or mentally challeneged. She is very short and has feeding issues since birth. The doctors said her 16p13.3 is deleted. Any advice would be helpful. The genetics tests results showed her 16 chromosome is deleted.

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